Leicester’s Independent Designers and Boutiques

Step into the world of fashion that embraces creativity, sustainability, and uniqueness. I bet you didn’t realise Leicester’s was home to so many independent designers and boutiques that offer a treasure trove of one-of-a-kind clothing and accessories.
From Japanese textile artists to Italian couture milliners, this blog post brings you an exclusive glimpse into the fashion-forward scene of Leicester.


Noelle is a fantastic female-owned, independent loungewear brand that prioritises sustainability with a strong stance against fast fashion. Their products are crafted from robust and durable GOTS certified organic/saved from landfill cotton and ethically produced right here in Leicester.

Eriko Ogungbeje at the Makers Yard

Eriko Ogungbeje, is a Japanese textile artist, and professional knitting designer that has lent her expertise to fashion brands for over a decade.
Alongside her role at DMU, she showcases her unique knitting designs at The Makers Yard. Adding a touch of artistry to the city’s fashion landscape.

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Giulia Mio Millinery at the Makers Yard

With a flair for couture millinery, Giulia Mio is a multi-award-winning Italian designer dedicated to creating exclusive, sophisticated, and sculptural hats and headpieces. Her creations grace the heads of brides, society race-goers, and esteemed talents in music and theatre. Experience wearable art that exudes elegance and creativity.

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Mirka Hoppari at the Makers Yard

Influenced by the landscapes of her Finnish homeland, Mirka Hoppari’s designs, knits, and crochets textiles using traditional techniques and natural fibres. The result is a collection that translates the colours and textures of the seasons into wearable art.

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The Findings at the Makers Yard

Delve into the world of restored and repurposed vintage clothes, textiles, and homewares at The Findings. Located at the Makers Yard, this hidden gem is a must for vintage enthusiasts. Discover unique pieces that reflect history and creativity, adding a touch of nostalgia and sustainability to your wardrobe and home.

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The talent and artistry of these designers not only reflect their passion for fashion but also contribute to a more ethical and environmentally conscious industry.
So, next time you seek fashion-forward pieces, explore the world of Leicester’s independent designers and boutiques, where each creation tells a story of art, love, and innovation.

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If you fancy giving it a go yourself, why not check out our blog post on Leicester Textile Scene where we shine a light on all the fantastic crafty shops within the city.

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