Plant-based picks in Leicester City Centre

Looking to kickstart a healthier lifestyle with some delightful plant-based goodness? Whether you’re diving headfirst into the vegan world or simply making small dietary tweaks, Leicester has a treasure trove of vegan-friendly spots waiting for you! Embrace Veganuary and uncover our top 10 Plant-based picks in Leicester City Centre for delicious vegan treats.

Why Choose Veganuary?

Veganuary presents numerous benefits. Firstly, it can positively impact your health. Vegan diets have been linked to lower cholesterol levels and blood pressure, among other health advantages. However, if you have any existing health conditions or concerns, consulting your doctor before making significant dietary changes is always wise.

Secondly, Veganuary aligns with sustainability efforts. The environmental impact of meat farming and production is now more evident than ever, from overfishing in the oceans to excessive water consumption. Embracing veganism, even for a month, can contribute to reducing the strain on our planet.

Top Veganuary Tip:

If the idea of transitioning to a vegan diet seems daunting, here’s a valuable tip: Shift your mindset. Instead of focusing solely on what you’re eliminating from your diet, emphasize what you’re adding in. Embrace an array of fresh, colourful fruits and vegetables, and explore plant-based protein sources like chickpeas, lentils, tempeh, and tofu. For food enthusiasts, the vegan world offers an exciting array of delectable treats to discover and enjoy.

Leicester’s Must-Try Plant-based picks

If you’re ready to give Veganuary a go, explore these top independent Plant-based picks in Leicester City Centre offering delightful veggie and vegan options:

Plant-based picks in Leicester City Centre

World Peace Café

This little gem on Guildhall Lane is the ideal lunch stop. The veggie and vegan menu features homemade and delicious dishes, from soups with sourdough to jacket potatoes, wraps, ciabattas and salads ?

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The Good Earth

Another hidden gem that might be easy to miss, but their selection of vegetarian and vegan dishes will keep you coming back for more! Don’t miss their monthly supper clubs for a delicious three course treat. Located on Free Lane, just off Halford Street.

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Offering everything from vegan breakfast, lunch and dinner options Prana is a fantastic spot for vegan dishes. As well, they have speciality teas and coffees with a variety of plant-based milks so you can sit back and enjoy a nice warm drink while you tuck into something tasty. You can order show-stopping celebration cakes, or pop in for a plant-based afternoon tea.

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Vegan Bar

The UK’s very first vegan cocktail bar has opened up on Granby Street! Enjoy first class drinks with a selection of authentic South Indian Tapas dishes to complement them.

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Currant Affairs

If you’re looking to stock up on vegan snacks, tuck into deli items and cake or scope out ingredients to cook up your own Vegan feasts, Currant Affairs in the place to go. The 100% vegan store welcomes all; everyone vegan, veggie or just curious. Expect fresh, seasonal and delicious food.

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This South Indian restaurant on Granby Street is a great dinner stop for veggie and vegan food! Serving authentic cuisine from Kerala you’ll be blown away by the aromatic spice blends and full flavour.

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The Detox Shack

Detox Shack on Market Street is the perfect lunchtime getaway for your 5 a day. Serving up fresh, raw produce that is locally sourced for the best taste and quality possible, Detox Shack is one of the best places in Leicester to treat yourself to a healthy, takeaway lunch!

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We get it – finding amazing vegan pizza can be as rare as hen’s teeth! But fear not, because DoughWHAT has heard your prayers and delivered the ultimate solution with their mouth watering range of vegan options, from deep dish to Neapolitan!
Say goodbye to pizza FOMO and dive into a world of plant-based pizza perfection.

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